MySpace Music Only Bookmarklet Created by Paul Fenlon

Ok – I’ll admit that sometimes I do go to a band’s MySpace page to look at pictures of cute musicians, but most of the time I’m there to sample music.  Waiting for MySpace to load (and dealing with the annoying layouts) can be a pain, so a fellow genius (read – a genius who is a fella) made this bookmarklet to help.  The link is below, but in summary, here’s how it works:

1. There is a red icon in the article below (see link) with the words “MUSIC ONLY”.  Drag that icon into your bookmark tool bar.

2. Open a band’s myspace page.  For example (Actually you may want to look at the pictures of this band, so it may not be the best example.  Go ahead. I’ll wait…)

3.  Click that “MUSIC ONLY” link on your tool bar.  That’s right….just click it. You don’t have to wait for anything to load, don’t pass go, don’t collect $200. Just go to the MySpace page and as soon as you see it open, click that link in your tool bar.  Are you getting it?  Just click it.

5.  Instantly, only the band’s music player opens up, and off you go.  

Link to article and bookmarklet.

Many thanks to Paul Fenlon for developing and sharing this.  It’s great to see all the extra “ZOW (!)” on MySpace pages, but sometimes you just want to cut to the chase.



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