This is a music blog run by me, one music freak who has a day job, two dogs, no kids and a fantastic boot collection.  In the past (yesterday) I’ve been criticized for not being critical enough – for gushing too much in my articles.  Here’s the thing: I spend a LOT of time combing through new music.  I don’t write about all of the live shows I see or new music I hear, or even 5% of it.  I write about the things that really stand out.  Hence my tag line, “Awesome bands wrapped in a blog and dipped in awesome. …and fried.”  Call me “fangirl”, but the truth is, I spend several hours writing one feature article (remember the day job part), precious time that I refuse to waste on bands/artists that, in my humble opinion, suck.  Thus, on my blog you get to read about bands/artists that don’t suck.  That said, even awesome bands have bad moments; this turmoil I will not hesitate to cover, because it is from failures and subsequent recoveries that an awesome band re-emerges, scarred by industry brutality, ready to incite an artistic attack from which the listener gleans music that makes even the most mundane affairs seem like events.

Expect from this blog: artist highlights, feature articles, live show reviews, record reviews, tour information, interesting newsbits.

Don’t expect from this blog: regularity, up-to-the-second news on the daily band/show scene, bullshit.

  1. #1 by danielliott on November 1, 2010 - 17:52

    Hi, I really enjoyed your review on Harper Blynn, I’m a fan too! Is there any way to email you?

    • #2 by spiker (!) on November 1, 2010 - 23:33

      Hey Dani. You can dm sPikeR (!) via Twitter or use the Facebook page. Links to both are on the right panel. Glad you enjoyed the article!

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