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Watch The Strokes Debut “Under Cover of Darkness” on SNL (!)

Hey, they’re The Strokes. Did you expect them to sound like someone else?  Although some critics claim that their new tracks pattern too closely the sound created on Is This It, my grandpa would say , “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  …and The Strokes ain’t broke.

As you watch them debut “Under Cover of Darkness” from their new record, pay special attention to both the guitar dissonance at the beginning (a little naughty, mostly nice) and Casablanca’s use of the F word on national TV at the end (all naughty).  Their new album, Angles, is due out March 22.  A review on sPikeR(!) can be expected, since I’ll probably just have to cut and paste most of my review from Is This It. #lazyblogger



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