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“Heavier Than Air” Covers CMJ Day 5 (The End.) (!)

Young the Giant. Photo credit: Unknown, taken from MySpace















The final day of the ultra-endurance event also known as CMJ has Heavier Than Air covering no less than nine bands and probably seeing several more.  After reading Ste’s coverage, I’m putting more effort into exploring Young the Giant from Newport Beach, California and Miracles of Modern Science out of Brooklyn, New York.   Read Heavier Than Air’s Day 5 coverage of CMJ here.


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“Heavier Than Air” Covers CMJ Day 4 (!)

Dark Dark Dark. Photo credit: Todd Seelie

The fourth day of CMJ is made for the die-hards, those whose stamina (hopefully natural) and planning allow them to keep up with the pace of this intense musical mashup.  After reading Heavier Than Air’s coverage, I’m definitely going to take a deeper dive into  Dark Dark Dark and possibly Jackpot, Tiger.

Tune in here: Heavier Than Air. CMJ Day 4.

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“Heavier Than Air” Covers CMJ Day 3 (!)

While the west coasters were sitting around plucking our nose hairs and arguing with AT&T reps from India about our zillion dropped calls last month, Ste, Grand Master of the “Heavier Than Air” music blog, was running around the greater New York City area in a desperate attempt to fight band schedules and train delays in the hopes of keeping his finger on the pulse of CMJ 2010.  Follow the link to read how our hero’s rampant sweet tooth was quelled long enough to behold downbeats in Lower East Side venues such as The Living Room and The Cake Shop, as well as in the beloved burrough of Brooklyn where our hero caught the Blood Red Shoes.

Photo credits unknown.

Heavier Than Air Day 3

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“Heavier Than Air” Covers CMJ Days 1 & 2

Follow the link to read what our New York City friend did on the first two days of CMJ.  L.A.’s own Grouplove gets a shout out!

Photo credit: Ethan Scott

Heavier Than Air

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